SLSH-210Faucets backflow performance tester

overview :

This tester mainly use for evaluate removable faucets and the kitchen nozzle with the spray gun、flush tank、Mechanical and non-contact flush valves in use when pipe network cause cut off the water supply or other reason make vacuo under the circumstance shouldn’t have backflow or siphon phenomenon,prevent sewage are back in pipe network,take pipe network the source of drinking water be polluted,harm to human health.Government standard ceramic cartridge faucets”(GB1845-2014)appendix D and country standard.GB/T26750-2011Sanitary ware.Pressure assistant water flushing devices article6.1.3.8、 and 6.3.13 test method .The equipment according to country standard ceramic cartridge faucets (GB1845-2014)appendix D article D.2requirement;meanwhile not lower than country standard,GB/T26750-2011”Sanitary ware.Pressure assistant water flushing devices”article device diagram and specification requirement.

Technical data:

Power supply
380VAC  +19/-38V;50Hz;3P+N+G
Work temperature
Relative humidity
Pressure test range
0.01~1.0MPa,Accuracy 0.5
Time testing range