The NES 713 smoke toxicity test chamber meets the NES 713 standard and is used to test the combustion characteristics of materials. It can test the smoke toxicity index of 100g sample after combustion.


  • Steel structure chamber, made of frame structure thickened sheet steel
  • Large observation window, the inner wall of the chamber is painted dark color, easy to observe the combustion condition of the sample.
  • Teflon gluing treatment reduces the chemical corrosion of the inner wall of the chamber caused by gaseous substances generated during combustion
  • Mixing fan is installed inside the chamber to balance the combustion flue gas
  • Introduction of industrial design concept of structure, appearance and interface design, integrated panel structure, easy to operate, friendly interface, ergonomic and operating habits, beautiful appearance
  • Pure copper premixed blowtorch meets standard requirements, can provide a height of 100 ~ 125mm (blue) flame, at its hottest point 1150±25℃ temperature
  • High pressure pulse automatic ignition, ignition stability and reliability, high security
  • Equipped with imported brand K type thermocouple for temperature detection
  • Smoke exhaust fan and stainless steel smoke exhaust pipe are installed on the top of the chamber, which can be automatically opened to discharge the smoke in the box after the test
  • 12 sampling slots are reserved for use with gas colorimetric reaction tubes or other gas analyzers
  • Equipped with brand pressure gauge and pressure regulating valve to adjust gas pressure, equipped with solenoid valve to control gas on and off, to ensure the safety of equipment.
  • Stainless steel sample plate, adjustable by fire position
  • Equipped with imported precise rotor flowmeter to control gas and air flow
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC)+ touch screen control, can realize automatic control/detection/calculation/data storage
  • Automatic exhaust mode, under the pre-control of the program can automatically eliminate the smoke generated during the test process when the test is completed
  • Manual/automatic test mode, optional


  • Dimension:1185(W)×700(D)×2100(H)mm
  • Exhaust:50L/s
  • Power Supply:AC 220V , 50/60Hz, 5A
  • Weight: 150kg
  • Gas Source:Compressed air, methane or natural gas