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SLGDQ-700/500Dynamic bending fatigue testing machine for tubular belt

At present, the use requirements and service life of the tubular belt used by the tubular belt conveyor at home and abroad are increasing year by year. The technical parameters in the real sense of the product remain in the requirements of appearance, width, length, strength, climbing angle and turning angle. On the premise of avoiding pipe collapse and saving power consumption during use, the production process, skeleton material,


SLGZ-700-660 tubular conveyor belt tester

The resilience index of the conveyor belt of the circular tube belt conveyor has a great impact on the pipe forming performance, running resistance and wear of the conveyor belt, and is one of the unique indexes of the special conveyor and conveyor belt of the circular tube belt conveyor. This instrument and test method are set up for this purpose. Technical data: Nominal pipe


SLGDW-600/75 tubular belt dynamic bending fatigue performance testing machine

The tubular belt dynamic bending fatigue performance testing machine, according to the actual application of the tubular conveyor belt, carries out the dynamic bending fatigue test of the sample in the state of small tension. Through the machine test, the rigid fatigue performance of the tubular belt is reflected, and the design parameters are provided for the production of the tubular belt. The machine uses the touch screen and


VPZ-900A multi-function belt length measuring machine

VPZ-03C/900 multi-function belt length measuring machine is designed in strict accordance with GB/T12734-2017 and GB/T111616-2013 standards, and its main performance indicators meet the relevant measurement and use requirements specified in the standards. The machine is easy to operate with high resolution. PLC and touch screen communication are mainly used for programmed control and human-computer dialogue. The whole equipment is simple to operate and intuitive to display. Test data and

2610, 2021

Rubber machinery open rubber mixer and closed rubber mixer

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General rubber machinery is the machinery for preparing rubber raw materials or semi-finished products, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixing machine, extruder, calender, cord pretreatment device and slitter. Rubber mixing machine Rubber mixing machine is divided into two categories, namely, separate type and closed type. Open type rubber mixer

1310, 2021

Testing machine definition and classification

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Testing machine definition and classification Mechanical properties and process properties of materials, parts and components testing machine Instruments and equipment for material testing machine. Testing machine includes: metal material testing machine, non-metallic material testing machine, process testing machine, force measuring (torque) machine, balancing machine, shaking table, non-destructive testing instrument,

2603, 2021

Tensile testing machine introduction and characteristics

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Tensile testing machine is mainly suitable for plastic film, adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, medical patch, release paper, protective film, combination cover, backplane materials, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper fiber and other products of tensile, peeling, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force and other performance test. Tensile testing machine is also

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