Rubber machinery open rubber mixer and closed rubber mixer

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General rubber machinery is the preparation of rubber material or semi-finished machinery, including raw material processing machinery, rubber mixer, extruder, calender, curtain canvas pretreatment device and cutting machine, etc. Rubber mixing machine The rubber mixer is divided into two categories: open and closed. Open type rubber mixer It is mainly used for rubber thermal refining,

Testing machine definition and classification

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Testing machine definition and classification Mechanical properties and process properties of materials, parts and components testing machine Instruments and equipment for material testing machine. Testing machine includes: metal material testing machine, non-metallic material testing machine, process testing machine, force measuring (torque) machine, balancing machine, shaking table, non-destructive testing instrument, testing machine functional accessories and

Tensile testing machine introduction and characteristics

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Tensile testing machine is mainly suitable for plastic film, adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, medical patch, release paper, protective film, combination cover, backplane materials, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper fiber and other products of tensile, peeling, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force and other performance test. Tensile testing machine is also called the tensile testing machine,

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