One, rubber test equipment aging performance test method

1, hot air aging test under the action of atmospheric pressure, constant temperature and hot air, after a certain time, measure the change of physical and mechanical properties of the sample, used to measure the thermal stability of rubber and the performance of antiaging agent.

2, the test of oxygen aging measurement sample in the closed oxygen inhalation apparatus in the oxygen induction period and oxygen absorption speed, used to evaluate the rubber resistance to oxygen aging properties, study the dynamics of the oxidation process, evaluate the effectiveness and optimal dosage of antiaging agent.

3, artificial climate aging test simulation and strengthening of sunlight, heat, rain, temperature and other factors in the atmosphere, in order to obtain in the shortest time similar to the results of atmospheric aging test method.

Two, rubber test equipment low temperature performance test method

1. Torsion modulus test by measuring the torsion Angle of rubber at different temperatures, calculate the change of its torsion touch, to measure the degree of rubber rigidity increase at low temperature.

2, glass temperature test to determine the temperature of rubber from high elastic state to glass state transformation, that is, glass temperature. It can characterize the ultimate service temperature of rubber material (the lowest operating temperature)