Tensile testing machine is mainly suitable for plastic film, adhesive, adhesive tape, adhesive, medical patch, release paper, protective film, combination cover, backplane materials, non-woven fabric, rubber, paper fiber and other products of tensile, peeling, deformation, tear, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force and other performance test.

Tensile testing machine is also called the tensile testing machine, material testing machine, tensile machine is used for static load was carried out on the material, tensile, compression, bending, shear, peel the mechanics performance test of mechanical strength testing machine, apply to the plastic sheet, pipe, profiles, plastic and rubber, wire and cable, waterproof coiled material, metal wire, metal wire materials such as various physical and mechanical properties test, Its use industry range throughout: Scientific research institutes, the inspection of the arbitration institutions, colleges and universities, tires, plastic and rubber, wire and cable, footwear, leather, textiles, packaging, building materials, petrochemical, aviation and other industries, for material development, physical properties testing, teaching research, quality control, incoming inspection, production line of random inspection indispensable testing equipment, such as tensile machine fixture as an important part of the instrument, Different materials need different fixture, but also the test can be carried out smoothly and the accuracy of the test results of an important factor.

Tensile testing machine product characteristics

1, the use of Panasonic full digital AC servo speed control system and AC servo motor, drive imported reducer and precision ball screw pair test, to achieve a wide range of adjustment of the test speed, complete the metal and non-metal materials such as tensile, compression, bending, bending test, It can automatically obtain the tensile strength, bending strength, yield strength, elongation, elastic modulus and peel strength of the material, and can automatically print: force-time, force-displacement curve and test results report.

2, computer closed loop control, automatic storage of test results, test results can be arbitrarily accessed, at any time to simulate reproduction.

3, the use of brand computer and equipped with Windows electronic testing machine software, according to the national standard or user-provided standard measurement material performance parameters, the test data statistics and processing, output and print test curves and test reports of various requirements: Can choose stress – strain, load – strain, load time, load – displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other test curve display, amplification, comparison and monitoring of the test process, intelligent, convenient.