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VPZ-03E Multifunctional transmission belt measuring machine

VPZ-03E Multifunctional transmission belt measuring machine overview : VPZ-03EMultifunctional transmission belt measuring machine is strictly according to GB/T13352-2008、GB/T12734-2003、GB/T11544-2012、RMAIP-22(2007)、ISO4184 standard design to product.Mainly performance fit with the standard to measure operate requirement.the machine simplicity of operation,high resolution,have manual test and automatic test operate way .control by MITSUBISHI PLC and PC communication control realize man-machine dialogue..Whole machine easy to operation,direct display,when measure value over tolerance,have light and alarm system.In touch screen and


XM-02 Rotating drum abrasion testing machine

XM-02 Rotating drum abrasion testing machine overview: In many tests of rubber products, wear test is an indispensable test. For many rubber products, the wear performance is directly related to its service life, practical significance is great, is one of the most important technical indicators. Therefore, the test of wear performance is a very important problem in rubber industry. For many years, the instruments used in testing rubber wear test performance in


GSB-250 conveyor belt sample punching machine

GSB-250 conveyor belt sample punching machine overview: It is used for industrial cutting rubber,soft plastic sheet,leather,cotton textiles,cardboard and other similar materials by knife mould. Characteristics: 1.The main cutting force:100KN,120KN,160KN,200KN,250KN.That will meet customers’ different production requirements. 2.With automatic lubrication system to reduce wear and prolong using life. 3.Electronic delay circuit is used to control the stroke lower limit position.Its high precision can improve roduct quality.Using the hand wheel height to adjust


SGC-I01 Steel cord conveyor belt for single steel wire hydraulic punching machine

SGC-I01 Steel cord conveyor belt for single steel wire hydraulic punching machine overview: This machine is used to produce steel cord conveyor belt adhesive strength test specimens.It is mainly used for cutting conveying belt single wire , solve conveying middle steel wire broke problem when make sample.Improve make sample safety factor and reduce time. Main feature:The equipment is compact,easily and safely to operate. Technical data: Blanking force 30T Blanking