The tubular belt dynamic bending fatigue performance testing machine, according to the actual application of the tubular conveyor belt, carries out the dynamic bending fatigue test of the sample in the state of small tension. Through the machine test, the rigid fatigue performance of the tubular belt is reflected, and the design parameters are provided for the production of the tubular belt. The machine uses the touch screen and PLC communication mode to carry out process sequencing control. The tension is applied by AC servo system and can be controlled by constant tension. The specification of the roller can be changed according to the sample, and the operation data can be exported, printed and saved via USB flash disk.

Technical data:

Sample specification: sample width 75mm, length and full width
Sample strength: fabric core ≤ 3000N/mm steel ribbon ≤ ST6300
Setting range of bending times: 0-300000 times can be set
Test time: 200000 times ≤ 7 days
Center distance between driving roller and driven roller: 2500mm
Maximum travel range of driven roller: – 100mm –+100mm
Tension control range: 10N-400N settable