• SLLN-II-6-350 Tire high speed /durability tester

SLLN-II-6-350 Tire high speed /durability tester

overview :

SLLN-II-6-350 Tire high speed /durability  tester is based on GB / T4502-2009 and GB / T13203-2007 standards in the relevant content, combined with the accuracy and repeatability requirements, the product is simplicity of operation, compact equipment, long service life, the design principles of continuous operation ,suitable for motorcycle, car tire durability test and high-speed performance tests. The machine adopts duplex test mode(also can produce 4station),  combine with the electric and mechanical transmission,steel skeleton structure, can be based on a variety of different rims replace any sample, plus or minus the loading force (weight plus or minus). Electrical distribution by the driving components, actuators, computers, PLC, printer, etc., through the appropriate combination of the above devices, collection and save data, . The whole test apparatus have security facilities, run-flat stop, brake wheel rims, respective break, increase a car for tire install, automatic servo motor load increasing  automation equipment and test accuracy, for humanization  design. The product tire speed / endurance according to GB / T4502 standard 5.3 and 5.4 speed performance test endurance test, GB / T13203-2007 standard 5.2 and 5.3 endurance test methods and requirements for high-speed test, two-position multifunction tire durability test speed performance test ideal detection equipment, meanwhile can use the tire rotation speed, use rotate drum test speed to calculate the rolling radius, to provide users with a tread force and deformation analysis of data.

Technical data:

Test station
Rotation drum diameter
1700(±17mm)(W):300mm.surface roughness:Ra<3.2µm
Rotation drum radial direction run out
Tyre diameter
Maximum tire fracture width
Rotation drum test speed
20km/h-350km/h precision:±2km/h
Temperature sensor
Temperature measurement range:-200°c–200°c
Display accuracy:0.1°c
Detection accuracy:±0.5°c
Power voltage
AC380V50Hz(three phrase five system)
Loading method
Servo motor loading
Motor power
110KWDC(4station two set)
Total weight
Maximum consumed power