Burning resistance resistance test machine (SLNZS600A type) is a designed and produced burning resistance test machine based on the running retention time and empty material time of the conveyor belt when conveying high temperature materials. According to the high temperature resistance and burning resistance of the conveyor belt and the long time cycle of the conveyor belt, test the interlayer adhesion test, the tensile strength test and the tensile strength test of the conveyor belt. The test machine is easy to operate and reliable. It is an ideal test machine for rubber industry laboratory to study product formula and process. The whole control adopts PLC and touch screen communication mode to realize programmed and intelligent control.


 Temperature control range: room temperature~300 ℃, ± 5 ℃.
Maximum loading force: 150Kg.
Maximum travel: 650mm.
Heating chamber volume: 600 * 600 * 400mm.
Heating power: 15KW.
Test frequency: 1 time/min-0.1 time/min can be set.
Counting range: 0-9999 times can be set.
Boundary dimension: 1200 * 1350 * 1800mm.
Sample specification: 500 * 500mm.