VPZ-03C/900 multi-function belt length measuring machine is designed in strict accordance with GB/T12734-2017 and GB/T111616-2013 standards, and its main performance indicators meet the relevant measurement and use requirements specified in the standards. The machine is easy to operate with high resolution. PLC and touch screen communication are mainly used for programmed control and human-computer dialogue. The whole equipment is simple to operate and intuitive to display. Test data and test reports can be saved and copied.


Length measurement method:
Magnetic grid displacement sensor is used for measurement. According to the formula in the standard corresponding to different samples, the center distance, the effective length of the sample, the corresponding pitch line length, and the change of the center distance are automatically calculated. The operator can automatically calculate the above data by selecting the type of sample to be tested before the test.
Measuring range of V-ribbed belt:
Band length range: 200-1800 (mm)
Resolution: 0.005mm (retain two digits after the decimal point)
Center distance measurement accuracy: 0.01mm
Application method and range of tensioning force:
Use additional weights to generate sample tension: 0-1000N
Weight configuration accuracy:
Accuracy of single weight ± 2g (± 0.0196N)
Scope of application: PJ belt
Equipment size: about 1600 (L) * 600 (W) * 1400 (H) mm
Power supply AC220V 50HZ
The measuring stick for belt pulley detection can be equipped separately according to user requirements, and the price is calculated separately.
The pulley for test shall be provided by the customer.
Operating environment:
(1) Temperature range: 10 ℃~35 ℃
(2) Humidity range: ≤ 90%, no condensation
(3) Altitude: ≤