ASM-1A Conveyor Belt Roadway Propane Combustion Performance Test Device

Introduction :

ASM-1A Conveyor belt roadway propane combustion performance test device is suitable for the combustion performance test of conveyer belt in scientific research units and factories. It consists of control system, roadway combustion device and flue gas treatment. The product conforms to the test requirements ofGB21352-2008 Appendix C , MT914-2008 Appendix H and MT668-2008, MT830-2008 and other relevant standards.

The use unit shall regulate the equipment to ensure the reliability and continuity of the experimental results.

Technical data:

Power consumption
Test environment temperature
Sample Reagents
≥95% propane gas
Belt Products
Flow control accuracy accuracy
Maximum load electrical scale 
Division of electrical scale
Temperature measurement accuracy
About 950kg
Overall Dimensions
L type 7500*4200*2700mm 
Power voltage
AC380V   50Hz   three-phase five-wire system