DNP-1/2 Steel cord conveyor belt fatigue strength testing machine

Introduction :

The fatigue strength testing machine of steel cord conveyor belt adopts computer and servo system to carry out double closed-loop control mode, and sets, collects and manipulates, saves, tabulates and prints the test data. The tensile retraction dynamic fatigue test method was used to test the adhesion fatigue strength of the sample. The dynamic bonding strength index of two groups of samples can be measured at the same time, and the same product can be compared with the process, and different formula products can be compared with the test. Suitable for scientific research institutions, quality inspection units, production units for product inspection and adjustment of product performance of the ideal experiment and testing equipment.

Technical data:

Induction method
Tension senor
Maximum load
Number of workpieces
Single/double station
Strength resolution
Cycle period
5-10s(can be set)
Power supply
AC380V±10%50HZ±1% 3phase-5wires
Maximum consumed power
Min/maximum load achieve
Automatic calculation value of 3.6%-36% of static bonding strength of wire rope 3.6%-36%
Cycle period setting
1-100000times (can be set)
Overall dimensions
Total weight