High temperatures accelerate the aging of the rubber chamber(GZ-450B)


GZ-450B Rotary aging chamber

Outline:GZ-450B rotary aging chamber, in line with GB/T3512–2001 “vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber hot air and heat accelerated aging test” standards. The machine is suitable for vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber hot air and heat accelerated aging test at atmospheric pressure. The tester can be used to assess and determine material storage and use under high temperature conditions of adaptability, high temperature equipment can be reached from room temperature to 300 ℃ in the test workspace. Equipment using forced air circulation, and provides automatic ventilation system, adjustable ventilation, the sample can be rotated. Test samples are not exposed to direct heat radiation heating element inside the device. Through the use of units of equipment should regulate the management, thus ensuring reliability and continuity test results.

Technical data:

Ambient temperature
Relative Humidity
<85% non-condensing
Temperature range
Indoor temperature+10~300℃
Detection accuracy
Number of shelves
Maximum power consumption
Power Supply
220V 50Hz