QYWN-01 hydraulic brake rubber cups for automobiles working durability test device

overview :

Hydraulic brake rubber cups for automobiles working durability test device,according to HG2865-1997 standard (Appendix B). Durability test device work by cabinet electric double layer heating constant temperature box, built-in type body structure, combine with hydraulic, electric,gas to test durability, control by computer and PLC to communication and routinization control,realize the real-time data acquisition, display, setting and control. Hydraulic control system is used to drive hydraulic solenoid valve to the main cylinder piston for reciprocating movement, the test specimen in a certain pressure, a certain frequency, a certain return trip, a certain temperature of the leather bowl, the amount of interference, determine whether the durability of the specimen is in line with the standard. The durability testing device of the work is in accordance with the “HG2865-1997” standard (Appendix B test method for the durability test of automotive hydraulic brake rubber.


1、The double layered electric heating thermostatic box

2、The built-in frame

3、The hydraulic station and hydraulic pipeline

4、The electrical control and detection (an instrument), display 5、The liquid storage tank

6、It can promote the device

7、One wheel cylinder device

Technical data:

Heating temperature
Room temperature:-180℃
Control frequency accuracy
Control temperature accuracy
Counting range
0-4X105  adjustable
Pressure setting and detection range
0-25MPa  0-100KPa
Counting accuracy
Pressure control accuracy
≥1MPa±0.5% ≤100 KPa±0.1%。
Cooling temperature range
Room temperature:-45℃(variation frequency refrigeration control)
Maximum timing
Control accuracy
Timing accuracy
Drive device movement range
Setting test frequency
0.1000~0.5000HZ(can be setting)
Displacement detection accuracy
Volume measurement range
0.0ml~500 ml
Loading power setting range
Measurement accuracy
±0.5 ml
Loading power setting accuracy
Residual pressure test range
Detection accuracy
Measurement accuracy
±0.01 MPa
Force detection range