SJDN-02 Conveyor belt joint dynamic endurance strength tester

overview :

Based on MT/T318.1-1997 coal industry standard,combine with machine accuracy demand,it’s design by easy to operate,compaction of equipment,long service life,continuous operation,complete machine combination of hydraulic pressure and mechanical driven.steel skeleton structures,five kinds of  roller can change according to different sample.Company based on SJDN-02 increase automatic correction system and hydraulic locked device.the machine operate and detect more complete.Electricity is comprised of an instrument、drive distribution  component、actuation component、computer、PLC、printer,etc.through all devices  combination,accomplish collect and save data.We make humanization design for whole machine.This product dynamic endurance strength test machine comfort to MT/T318.1-1997”Mechanical joints in conveyor belting for coal mining.Technical condition”,the requirement of dynamic endurance strength.

Patent Number:ZL2014101908076

Technical data:

Maximum annular perimeter of sample
Maximum movement distance of tensile roller
Tension measurement accuracy
Sample width
The range of linear speed adjustment
Detection the deviation of circle frequency
Maximum consumed power
Roller rotate speed
Maximum error modification
Motor power
Overall dimensions
Maximum tension force of sample
20-250KN (optional setting)Max tension strength of retardant belt:ST/S2800,Width of sample:300mm,figure out :20%*2800*0.3=168KN