VNP-04IV V-ribbed belt(with torque)fatigue tester


VNP-04A poly-v belt(4 pulleys)durability testing machinery is suitable for the constitute and plant as the automotive narrow-v belt、automotive poly-v belt、synchronous belt fatigue testing machinery with torque.It is based on the Germany imported research machine and redesigned normatively.It remains original stability transmission performance while was added test function.The machine runs and controlls loading force by the main drive transmission variable frequency motor and loading electric brake,which makes fatigue test with torque proceed. The main drive transmission variable frequency motor adopts the weight suspension structure,which remains tension state of belt during the test and assures constant speed of main drive.By the specific performance of loading electric brake the energy efficiency can be realized.Horizontal displacement and vertical displacement of drive pulley、driven pulley and tension pulley can be achieved according to the mutual combination of ball screw and Linear guideway,which meets various length and tension of specimen.Under the condition that the setted tension and load,the specimen is tested over the setted test period.

The fatigue test of specimen is done automatively according to PC-control system,with setting and data detecting the closed-loop control can be realized.The setting and modification of parameter can be achieved on the computer.The measured value can be displayed on the screen and saved、printed at real time.This product meets corresponding requirements of standards of GB/T11545-2008《Belt-transmission Automotive Industry-V belt Fatigue Test》、appendix A in GB13552-2008《Belt-transmission Automotive Industry-V belt Fatigue Test》、appendix A in GB/T18183-2000《Automotive Synchronous belt Fatigue Test method》and JASOE109、ISO11749、SAEJ2432、ISO5287:2003、JASOE110、SAEJ1596.

Technical data:

Motor of Drive Pulley
15KW Variable frequency motor
Range Of  Sliding rate
Load Consumption of Driven pulley
Measuring accuracy  Of  Sliding rate
Output speed Of Drive pulley and Driven pulley
Length Range of sample
Torque test Range
0.00-50.00Nm(According to customer setting)
Measuring Range of temperature
Belt tension
200N-1210N(With weight adjustment) Weight configuration is to use the plug to choose, eliminating the manual in the test process of the application of the way to make the test process accurate.
Center distance Measuring accuracy
0.05mm grating scale, Automatic detection
Center distance of Drive pulley and Driven pulley
Rated voltage
AC380V±10%  50Hz
Outer Size
Max consumption power