VNP-02II Multifunctional V-belt(with torque)fatigue tester


VNP-02A Multifunctional V-belt(with torque)fatigue tester is based on Germany Shore company combine with “Fatigue test method for agricultural V-belts”、Joined narrow V-belts HG/T2819-1996.Test process control by computer and calculated,frequency converter and DC controller drives and adjust the speed for drive motor and driven motor respectively.Test according to GB/T12735-91 “Fatigue test method for agricultural V-belts‘’of two pulleys and 4pulleys reserved bending test and GB/T18183-2000、GB/T14562-1999 standard for two pulleys(or three pulleys) with torque fatigue test using requirement.

Patent number:ZL2015202964266 ZL2014101909083

Technical data:

Drive pulley transmission motor
Driven pulley load motor
22kw DC motor
Drive and driven pulley speed rate
300-3000r/min (continuously variable adjustable)
Driven pulley load
1KW-22KW(continuously variable adjustable)
Accuracy of slip ratio
Accuracy of center distance
Belt tension
Only with agricultural V-belt 200N-2400N (adjustable with weight)
Accuracy of external perimeter   detection
Sample length
Temperature control
Control accuracy
Specification of sample
Agricultural V-belt、auto V-belt、joined narrow V-belts