XSRZT-01 Rubber &plastic hose and components permeability test device

overview :

XSRZT-01 Rubber &plastic hose and components permeability ,suitable for factories、laboratory to measure in regular time gas through rubber or plastic hose penetrative volume test and detection.The products according to GB/T18422-2001standard to test、detection、operation requirement.According appendix picture1/2/3,Using glass water tank rise up various glass vessel with steel shelf,inner glass vessel hose with steel tube and joint for put sample inside and connect .Operation method see details in appendix ”process”,test should in1Mpa condition,according temperature in GB/T2941.Don’t do any test within 24h before hose production.Before test,sample should be fitted with GB/T2941 choosing temperature and humidity at least 3h.

Technical data:

Power voltage
Consumed power
Test environment temperature
Sample reagent
Gas not dissolved into the water
Rubber and plastic hose