SL-BP200 rubber and plastic hose computer controlled explosion test stand


SL-BP200 type rubber and plastic hose computer controlled blasting test bed, high test pressure, output pressure can be stepless adjustment. The test range is wide, which can meet the pressure test requirements from 1-200MPa;

Hydraulic test bed adopts computer, Siemens PLC two-level control system, the whole test process can be completed on the computer operation, computer automatically generate pressure, time curve, and all kinds of data storage, can print out the test report at any time. You can also manually control the test process through the button switch;

During the test, the pressure can be compensated automatically, which has the characteristics of stable test pressure and high precision of pressure test.

The test rig conforms to GB/T5563-2006 test standard and is applicable to other pressure vessels and pipelines for pressure test.

Equipment features:

  1. Free setting of running time, automatic shutdown
  2. Computer control: display pressure, running time, save and print the report
  3. Open structure, easy and convenient installation of samples

Technical data:

Maximum power consumption
Pressure regulating range
Air supply pressure
Flow adjustment range
Test pipe diameter range
Liquid medium
Accuracy of pressure detection
grade 1 1%F.S
Power supply
AC220V 50HZ
Equipment size