SGM-02B Conveyor belt intelligent drum friction tester

Introduction :

Conveyor belt intelligent drum friction tester, Accord with GB/T7986–2013 “Conveyor belts-Drum friction-Method of test”standard and MT450-1995, MT914-2008  other test relevant standards and operating requirements. The machine is suitable for fabric core flame retardant conveyor belt and other fire-retardant conveyor belt drum friction experiment. The tester have intelligent adjust tension device, change in the past time  lever tension device during the test process ,as the friction force extension tension is not constant and weight tension device operate complex problems. Truly realize whole experiment totally-enclosed intelligent control.The user should take standard management,make sure test result reliability and continuity.

Technical data:

The engine power
11.5 KW
The power supply
AC380V 50HZ three-phase five-wire system
Drum motor power
Drum material
45# steel, nitriding treatment
Drum load speed
200 + / – 5 r/min
Miniature blower
Power: 220V, 25W
Blowing wind speed
2.0 + / – 0.1 m/s; The air flow is adjustable
Porous pipe diameter: Φ40 (inner diameter), the inner diameter of the vent hole 6mm 21, spacing 13mm
Distance between porous tube and drum: 600mm
The weight of the
Mechanical cabinet 1400*860*1900mm Electrical control cabinet 1500*760*1700mm
Shgara tightening force
The servo system automatically applies tightening force with the range of 343N-2000N, not exceeding 2000N, and automatically detects belt break
Range of test time recording
99 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds, the digital display is adjustable, the set time parameter value reaches the automatic stop.
Temperature measurement range
Automatic overtemperature detection at room temperature -400°C and stop, temperature measurement accuracy: ±1°C
Temperature intelligent instrument display, and can print temperature curve.
Temperature sensor
Three, (one for use and two for spare)