SR-1000A alcohol lamp + propane lights conveyor laboratory-scale combustion chamber characteristics


According MT182-88, MT450-1995 “alcohol burner burner structure and technical requirements”, “mine with steel cord conveyor antistatic flame test methods and decision rules” MT914-2008 “coal conveyor whole flame retardant fabrics “Appendix G and GB/T3685-2009/ISO340: 2004” conveyor laboratory scale combustion characteristics requirements and test methods “of testing, testing, application requirements, in easy operation, meet the standard requirements of the premise, the alcohol burner and propane gas burner in a combustion test cabinets, using the 90 ° rotation lock positioned alternately moving, positioning manually selected rotational positioning. Because alcohol and propane torch flame core burner flame height is not a horizontal line, and therefore two temperature sensors are temperature measurement means, the temperature measurement. Digital temperature display value. Sample use a jig rod bearing, respectively, using two different fixtures to meet the standard, manual rotary moved out, moved to handle the locking bolt.

Technical data:

alcohol burner
960℃±60℃(within 5 seconds Φ0.71mm fuse wire)
propane gas burner combustion temperature
(1)Mixture of 5% (W) methanol, and 95% (W)ethanol
(2)≥95%propane gas
Temperature sensing display range
Air volume control
Specimen holder
2(alcohol burning a horizontal sample;propane burner a vertical sample)
Maximum power consumption