XSDW-01 Rubber and plastic hose dynamic bend fatigue strength tester

overview :

According to HG/T 3037-2008 H appendix HG/T (normative appendix), test method of bend fatigue strength is composed of the following components:

(1) The test apparatus shall be in accordance with the test of various specifications of the hose assemblies that can be assembled in Table 1.

(2) The test device should configure with a GB/T-1690 liquid C charging device

(3) A counting device for a combination of a hose assembly and a rotate time

(4)Conductive resistance (M) test apparatus for a hose assemblies

(5) Temperature measuring apparatus for testing medium

Technical data:

Test medium
Liquid C
Sample test cycle number  setting value
a: 18000b: 50000
Direction of rotation
Forward 180 °,reverse 180 °  for complete cycle number
Rotating speed
Inflow medium pressure
Delineation of the load
Test specification
Phi 12- Phi 40 eight specifications