XSPR-01A Rubber hose flammability test device


XSPR-01A Rubber hose  flammability test device suitable for research institute and factory in laboratory condition,inter diameter below50mm(include 50mm)hose (Not include the hoses reserve use for  internal combustion engine oil fuel)inflammability report test,products suitable for GB/T15907-2008/ISO8030:1995”Rubber and plastics hoses—Method of test for flammability” using requirement.


1.Reagent, 10ml measurement and 1000ml reagent containers, alcohol lamp

2.Electronic control system

3.The mechanical part of the specimen fixture, alcohol lamp, bracket and box Test equipment see figure

4.power AC220V.

Technical data:

Inner diameter of sample
Sample length
Sample quantity
Combustion time
0-999.9s optional setting
Control time accuracy