At present, the use requirements and service life of the tubular belt used by the tubular belt conveyor at home and abroad are increasing year by year. The technical parameters in the real sense of the product remain in the requirements of appearance, width, length, strength, climbing angle and turning angle. On the premise of avoiding pipe collapse and saving power consumption during use, the production process, skeleton material, buffer layer and rubber formula of tubular belt are discussed. The dynamic bending fatigue tester of tubular belt can provide the measured fatigue test curve, the change curve of rebound value and test data. Thus, the static fatigue characteristics of the sample can be provided, and the selected materials of the sample can be tested and analyzed according to this characteristic.

Technical data:

Sample detection station: 4 stations
Tubing specification of sample: nominal pipe diameter (mm) Ф 500- Ф seven hundred
Force value setting range: 10KG-200KG
Displacement: upper idler movement range 0~125mm, 0~- 125mm, total travel: 250mm
Maximum displacement of lower idler: 350mm (ensure to meet the nominal pipe diameter of 500 to 700)
Timing range of static bending time of sample: 59 days, 23:59 minutes
Test data storage days: 180 days
Maximum loading force sensor 200KG
Flex cycle: 6 seconds/cycle~10 seconds/cycle, settable
The setting of bending times: 1000 times – 700000 times, and the service life of single-station fixture is guaranteed to be more than one billion times.