The resilience index of the conveyor belt of the circular tube belt conveyor has a great impact on the pipe forming performance, running resistance and wear of the conveyor belt, and is one of the unique indexes of the special conveyor and conveyor belt of the circular tube belt conveyor. This instrument and test method are set up for this purpose.

Technical data:

Nominal pipe diameter range: 400mm-700mm (refer to HG/T4224 Steel Cord Tubular Conveyor Belt for nominal pipe diameter)
Upper roll loading force 0-65KG
Maximum load capacity of side roll 65kg
Maximum load capacity of lower roll 65kg
Maximum load of rigid roller 65kg
Tension detection error 1%
Working environment – 10-45 ℃, humidity less than 90%
Basic error ± 0.03% F.S
Range 133x660mm (for reference, the sample cannot fall off)
The vertical distance between the inner side of two roller faces is 30mm
Power supply voltage 2.8KW
Overall dimension of main engine 1310 (long) × 960 (wide) × 2180 (high)
Boundary dimension 1930 × eight hundred and ninety × 2300(mm)